Vectorworks Designer 2017

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Image credit: Courtesy of Simcic + Unrich Architects – Polygon Architects

Vectorworks Architect 2017

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Image credit: Holzer Kobler Architekturen

Vectorworks Landmark 2017

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Image credit: McGregor Coxall

Vectorworks Spotlight 2017

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Image credit: Nick Whitehouse

Vectorworks Fundamentals 2017

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Image credit: Polygon Architects

SketchUp Pro 2017

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Image credit: Zed Factory

Rhino 5

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Image credit: Steven Guerrisi

Light Converse

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Image credit: Andylampy1

V-ray for 3ds Max, Rhino, SketchUp and Maya

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Image credit: Hasan Bajramovic, Brian Ybarra, Tiltpixel, Douglas Fisher Studio

MAXON Cinema4D R18

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Image credit:

Act-3D Lumion 7

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Image credit: Lumion

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What is HDR Light Studio

Create and edit HDRI maps in real-time by positioning light sources and adjustments 'in camera' directly on to a rendered view (either within your 3D software/renderer or using HDR Light Studios robust and powerful lighting preview window - LiveLight). A correctly distorted HDRI map is created on the fly and used instantly to light the view. Interactive image based lighting.

HDR Light Studio's unique lighting approach produces incredibly sophisticated and precise HDRI maps for perfect and realistic lighting and reflections for your shots. It's simply the fastest way to light a shot and produces results that would take many times longer using other lighting techniques.

HDR Light Studio Benefits:

  • Position lighting and adjustments to HDR environments 'in-camera'.
  • Creation and editing of HDRI maps in real-time.
  • Integration with market leading 3D software/renderers.
  • HDRI maps produce photo-real results.
  • Image based lighting is easy to use and renders really fast.
  • HDRI maps contain unlimited lights and subtle detail.
  • HDR Light Studio can also be used standalone, for a self-contained lighting tool.
  • HDR Light Studio's HDRI maps are compatible with all leading renderers.

Use HDR Light Studio to: Create a custom HDRI map for each shot as faster alternative to creating and moving lights or emitters in 3D to light your scenes