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Asian Institute of Chartered Banks | Courtesy of GDP Architects SDN BHD and Adaptus Design System SDN BHD

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Vancouver Convention Centre Expansion | Courtesy of PWL Partnership Landscape Architects Inc.

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One Third Beijing | Courtesy of Live Legends

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Image credit: Trimble

Rhino 7

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V-Ray 5 for Maya, Rhino and SketchUp

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Act-3D Lumion 12

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Image credit: Lead Model, Kaufmann House. Model by VIS3DARQ.
Wednesday, 21 April 2021 09:17

Illuminate the life in your design with Lumion 11.3, available now!

In architecture, lighting is fundamental. 

The dancing interplay of shadows and light is what makes you feel something about a space. It's why entering a room can give you goosebumps or how sitting on the terrace on a summer's evening becomes an unforgettable memory.

With a simplicity that’s as natural as sketching on a piece of paper, Lumion 11.3 guides you as you express the mood, life and uniqueness in the spaces you design. Spread light freely throughout the living room of your interior project, casting vivid shadows of the furniture on the walls and the ceiling. Add a little flavor when communicating the movement of people through a landscape design or a commercial building.

Brief overview of new features

Shadows for omni lights

Illuminate a space with light and its story will unfold from the shadows. With the new shadows for omni lights, available in Lumion 11.3, rendering architectural design with the vitality of dynamic lighting becomes a natural, integrated part of your process. Simply apply an omni light object and Lumion takes care of the rest. The light and shadow come alive, looking exactly as they should and dancing in time to the tune of your design. 

Multifunctional clip planes

There is a unique flavor to every work of architecture, a quality that’s inherently personal to the architect and exclusive in style. Showing that can sometimes be a challenge, but now in Lumion 11.3, you can reveal all the layers of your design, from multiple angles, with the multifunctional clip planes option.

New character silhouettes

In the world of architectural rendering, your design is the star of the show. So when you want to clearly communicate a deeper level of information about your project, without distracting from the design, you can take advantage of the new character silhouettes available in Lumion 11.3. Animate conceptual people-flows. Show the division of space. No matter what you want to accomplish, Lumion makes it easy to place your design at the center of an unforgettable presentation.

Show the life and emotion in your project.
Enjoy the process along the way.

Continuing our mission to ease the rendering process while helping architects express all the intricate details of their vision, Lumion 11.3 also comes with a lot of minor improvements. We’ve updated the Lumion lighting editor interface, improved group selection, removed a few fine-detail nature restrictions, added new built-in tutorials for photo and movie mode, updated the material highlight effect and the mass move effect, and more! Check out the Lumion 11.3 Release Notes for more information.Lumion 11.3 is now available from March 16th, 2021. Visit for more information. 

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