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Tuesday, 08 October 2019 09:59

Lumion 10 is coming soon…

The following video render was made entirely in Lumion 10.

Model design by Van Manen architects.

It’s that time of year again. The temperature is dropping. Leaves are falling and crunching underfoot. And the Lumion 10 teaser trailer was released!

We don’t have a specific release date yet but rest assured — Lumion 10 is coming soon. Check out our first teaser created entirely in Lumion 10 and take a closer look to see what’s new!

Buy a new Lumion 9.5, receive Lumion 10 for free

Starting from October 1st, if you buy a new Lumion 9.5 license, you can receive a free upgrade to Lumion 10 the moment it is available. Get Lumion.

Pre-order an upgrade to Lumion 10

When you pre-order a Lumion 10 upgrade, you will receive Lumion 9.5 until Lumion 10 becomes available. When Lumion 10 is released, you will automatically receive the upgrade email with a link to your Lumion 10 installer. Pre-order your upgrade to Lumion 10.

Special upgrade pricing is also available for select customers. View the prices here

Upgrades to Lumion 9.5 are no longer available.

Create living environments. Connect with audiences. Feel the space with Lumion 10!

Pre-order seats for your Lumion 10 license

Lumion 9.5 seats are no longer available, but you can pre-order seats for Lumion 10 licenses. This applies to:

  • Customers who purchased a new Lumion 9.5 license with the free upgrade to Lumion 10.
  • Customers who pre-ordered an upgrade of their existing license to Lumion 10.

When you pre-order your Lumion 10 seats, you will receive Lumion 9.5 seats until Lumion 10 becomes available. 

When Lumion 10 is released, you will automatically receive the upgrade email with a link to your Lumion 10 installer.

Pre-order seats for Lumion 10

Updated System Requirements

We’ve updated our system requirements so that you can have a smooth and efficient experience when working with Lumion 10. Please make sure your computer’s hardware can handle your project’s size and scene complexity.

View the updated system requirements here.

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