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Monday, 21 October 2019 10:52

Lumion 10 release date revealed!

Model design by Marco Caccini..

Mark your calendars! Lumion 10 will be available on November 4th, 2019.Stay tuned for more information, or visit the countdown clock on the homepage so that you know the moment Lumion 10 becomes available.

Purchasing information for Lumion 10

Lumion 10 is available on November 4th. But you don’t have to wait to buy it.

From October 1st, if you buy a new Lumion 9.5 license, you will receive a free upgrade to Lumion 10 the moment it is available on November 4th.

Get Lumion.

Promotional pricing available for select customers

Do you have Lumion 8? Did you recently purchase Lumion 9.5 in July, August, or September 2019? If so, we have some special, promotional upgrade prices available just for you.Find your upgrade price here.

Create living environments. Connect with audiences. Feel the space with Lumion 10.

Lumion 10 System Requirements

We’ve updated our system requirements so that you can have a smooth and fun experience with Lumion 10 when it comes out. Please make sure your computer's hardware can handle your project's size and scene complexity.View the updated system requirements here.

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