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Wednesday, 27 February 2019 14:26

Sensing architecture: new materials in Lumion 9 Pro

With 112 new materials available in Lumion 9 Pro, including the customizable 3D grass and the new furry materials, you can quickly add photorealistic textures to heighten the realism of your designs.

Materials are the backbone of any beautiful render. They can make the difference between a flat, 2D-looking structure and a standout visual where audiences can see your design and say, “I can see and feel exactly what this building will look like!”


Grass, pavement and other external materials can equip audiences with familiar features so they can better understand your project.

Materials can move your audience from simply looking at your designs to sensing them. The feeling of being at home provides a whole new level of sensorial experience. Your audience will feel the warmth of the wood, they will hear the echo of shoes on tile, and their senses will be able to grasp any of the details of your render. 


It’s easier to imagine the experience of being in this bathroom with the dark wood walls and stone floor. Wooden material: “Woods PlanksWorn 023 VAR1 3K” in Lumion 9 Pro.

Searching for, downloading and creating materials can be a time-consuming activity, and if you’re tired of scrounging the web for materials, don’t search any longer. In Lumion 9 Pro, you can find 1,120 materials* for:

  • Interiors (curtains, fabrics, metals, woods)
  • Exteriors (bricks, stone, concrete, roofing, etc)
  • Landscapes (grass, rocks, land)
  • And more!

Continue reading below for a detailed overview of the new, photorealistic materials available in Lumion 9 Pro. 

Two reasons to use Lumion materials

Lumion can be used for a huge variety of needs. Perhaps you want to demonstrate the way light reflects off the building’s materials during a presentation to your client, or you need to show the review board what the project is supposed to look like.


Which do you prefer? With Lumion, you can present different options to your client for an effective dialogue about materials.

No matter how you plan on using the renders, the 1,120 materials available in Lumion 9 Pro’s content library allow you to instantly heighten your audience’s ability to connect with the design on a deeper, more intimate level.

Instant access to a wide variety of materials

One problem with materials is availability. Many projects, such as a private new build home for a client or a competition for the city, require precision in your renders, which often means that the materials you show might be the materials that you must use during construction.

With a total of 1,120 options available right at your fingertips, as well as customization features that allow you to change the normal map, color, reflectivity, age, foliage and more, Lumion offers a wide variety of materials so that you can easily find the right material for a specific need.

Consistent high quality

Sourced from different agencies and individuals, including Poliigon, the Lumion materials consistently provide a high-quality, realistic look and feel to all the surfaces in your design. This includes any water or grass surfaces, as well as concrete, wood, metal, plastic, fabric, and more.


This is especially helpful if you quickly need some renders to show a specific detail or, for example, to make a point. For instance, if you and your colleague are wondering whether to use concrete or wood, you can quickly render out a couple of options showing these materials in their best possible light, making the decision process substantially easier while heightening your own confidence over your decisions.

New materials available in Lumion 9 Pro

Below, we’ll go through some of the new materials available in Lumion 9 Pro.

The lived-in look of fabrics and curtains

Whether you’re an interior designer or you need to decorate the interior of your model for your renders, you can connect with audiences by showing realistic interiors with a lived-in look.

In Lumion 9 Pro, you can help your audiences understand what an interior might feel like with new fabrics (including cashmere, muslin and printed rugs)…


Pillows with the new “Fabric Wrinkled 005 3k” material

…new rugs…


…and new wallpaper materials.


The marvel of marble stone

From the smooth, endearing feeling of stone floors underneath your feet, to the sheer grandeur of stone buildings, the 14 new stone materials in Lumion 9 Pro bring a sense of solidness and longevity to your designs. Plus, these new stone materials can easily adapt to a wide diversity of architectural forms.


Marble 011 2K


Marble 031 3K


Marble 051 2K


Marble 053 3K

The unique charisma of brick

Brick buildings and interiors are uniquely charismatic, and this material speaks to the architect’s eye for beauty and craftsmanship.

With 8 new brick materials in Lumion 9 Pro, you can ensure that your brick buildings and structures show the deep color and rough, rigid texture of this versatile material. You can find a few examples below:


Bricks NewSavannaGrey 002 2K


Bricks IndustrialPastoralRed 001 2K


Bricks WhiteWashedChoppy 001 2K

The old beauty of cobblestone

Cobblestone is one of those materials that, when used correctly, it can immensely enhance the beauty of walkways, pavements, roads or any area where it’s installed. 


Cobblestone 33 2K


Cobblestone 21 3K


Cobblestone Arches 003 2k

The natural aura of wood

When using wood for interiors or exteriors, it can form an instant connection between the built world and the natural one, and with the 15 new wood materials in Lumion 9 Pro, you can easily infuse a sense of natural beauty. 


Wood Fine 018 VAR1 3K


Wood Flooring 042 2k


Wood Flooring 028 VAR1 2K

Give your design the benefit of evocative materials with Lumion 9 Pro

The new materials in Lumion 9 Pro come with exceptionally detailed textures, and they are all completely customizable with respect to color, glossiness, reflectivity, age, scale, and so on. In other words, there is no limit to what you can accomplish by dressing up your design in Lumion materials.

Discover benefits in speed without ever sacrificing quality by getting Lumion 9 Pro today.

*Lumion 9 Pro has 1,120 materials. Lumion 9 has 1,017 materials.

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