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allplan eng


Product: Allplan Engineering 2020

Language: English

Platform: Windows

Price: Please contact us for pricing

Demo Version:


Allplan Engineering

A building is more than the sum of its parts

Buildings depend on maximum precision and accuracy: only when all elements are perfectly measured, calculated and attuned to one other will each detail fit exactly. To allow engineers and planners to concentrate on their tasks, we have set new standards in civil engineering with the CAD program Allplan. It provides extensive opportunities for an easy, interdisciplinary exchange and unique, well thought-out solutions in 3D reinforcement planning. From the initial draft through to the finished general arrangement and reinforcement design, make use of a perfect interplay between CAD and structural analysis - in keeping with the BIM working method.

Discover a CAD program for seamless, interdisciplinary planning


Allplan offers a wide range of options and maximum freedom for your planning

From the traditional 2D working method to the intelligent building model in BIM: as a comprehensive CAD program, Allplan supports efficient general arrangement and reinforcement planning at all levels of use.

The well-tuned interplay with Frilo Structural Analysis and Scia Engineer offers engineers an complete integrated CAD solution from a single source. Interactive reinforcement in 3D makes Allplan ideally suitable for individual construction projects as well. 

Allplan is ideally suitable for analyses and reports

In Allplan you can derive numerous sections and views for reinforcement planning from an intelligent building model.

In addition, you obtain reliable quantities and masses (reports).

Thanks to interactive analyses, collisions and discrepancies can be recognized at an early stage. The software for construction engineers also creates self-explanatory isometric views or exploded drawings. This saves them tiresome inquiries and reduces the effort required for the creation of details.


Communicate more openly and efficiently with Allplan

Allplan is the ideal platform for optimally passing on data and distributing plans to other project collaborators. All standard formats such as PDF and IFC as well as all common CAD formats such as DWG, DXF and DGN are supported.

The 3D PDF-based documentation enables clear visualization and presentation. Through the perfect interplay between CAD and structural analysis, construction engineers communicate with our construction software clearly, efficiently and without error.

Parts or complete building models are seamlessly delivered to Frilo Structural Analysis or Scia Engineer.

Discover more about Building Information Modeling.


Allplan uses the latest technology

Even projects with large data volumes are no trouble for Allplan: thanks to an excellent graphic engine, our architecture software optimally exploits the high computing power of modern graphic cards. This also accelerates the composition and editing of images. Additionally, the calculation of hidden lines in the model enables users to navigate in real time in the hidden line view of their virtual building.


Allplan offers you a graphically appealing user concept

Experience an architecture software program with an intuitively understandable and graphically appealing interface. Allplan was created by designers for designers. Thanks to uniform coloring and the system-wide use of a symbolic language, functions and features can be better understood and selected in a targeted manner.


Allplan provides you with comprehensive and competent support

As a member of our Allplan Serviceplus network you always work with an up-to-date software system and also efficiently exploit all the options that your architecture software offers. Whether administrators, architects, office managers or managing directors: the trained architects of our support team will answer your questions quickly, extensively and reliably. Our international Allplan Connect service portal enables you to use the know-how of the worldwide Allplan community.

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New Features

Optimum conditions for an error-free, effective and BIM-based design for modern civil engineering construction

Allplan 2020, now in an attractive 30 Year Edition Bundle including high quality object and surface libraries.


BIM solution Allplan 2020

Get ahead of the competition with Allplan 2020

We aim to develop an Allplan version that provides you with the best possible tools for your success. In accordance with the principles of Building Information Modeling, we help you to improve project quality, react flexibly to changes and generally work more efficiently.

Design with ease: Hours' work in just a few seconds

In civil engineering or when designing tunnels or bridges, benefit from Allplan 2020 innovations that increase efficiency. Tasks that were previously complex, such as the creation of sections along any curves or the modeling of tendons, which once took hours or even days, can now be completed in a short space of time.


Objects and Materials

Allplan 30 Year Edition offers new, top quality objects and materials for engineers.

• Materials for visualization (textures including bump maps)
• Backgrounds for animation and rendering (HDRI skies)
• A wide range of new objects for finish (windows, doors, roof accessories, cranes, rows of lights and domed roof-lights as SmartParts)
• Objects for drawings, animation and rendering (trees, persons and cars as low-poly smart symbols)


Section Along Curve

Create exact sections along any axes with just a few clicks. In this film, learn about the new "Section Along Curve" tool in Allplan 2020. This enables you to create exact sections along axes consisting of arcs, clothoids and splines with just a few clicks.


Model Tendons

Create 3D tendons far more easily. This video shows you how to create three-dimensional tendons with Allplan 2020. The new tool determines the double-curved 3D axis of the tendon from the axis and gradient. This significantly simplifies complex construction.


Certified IFC Interface

Optimum import and export with the open IFC standard format. In addition to the already certified Allplan IFC export, import has now been tested and certified in Allplan 2020. This ensures reliable data exchange and optimized workflow with other OpenBIM solutions.


Real Reinforcement Bar Diameters

New quality in reinforcement for highly reinforced structures and details. This film explains how you can use the "Real Reinforcement Bar Diameters" tool in Allplan 2020 to achieve a new quality in reinforcement resulting in smooth installation on the construction site. This is particularly true of highly reinforced structures such as power stations and bridges, as well as highly reinforced details on nodal points.


Direct Modification in Reinforcement Planning

New possibilities for the direct modification of the reinforcement drawing.
In this video, find out more about the options for direct modification in reinforcement planning. Change the key placement parameters directly in the drawing and remain optimally focused on your reinforcement detail.


Modern Palettes for Bar Shape Placement

Improved workflow for 2D reinforcement input with palettes. For the 2D reinforcement mode, Allplan 2020 now also provides placement as points in the modern palettes for placing bar shapes. During placement, you can activate or deactivate the placement as points at any time. This provides you with a very smooth workflow when entering 2D reinforcement using palettes.

For unlimited use of all new features of Allplan 2020 an graphics card with a minimum of 1 GB RAM needs to be available.
In addition Allplan 2020 will only be available for Windows 64 Bit.

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System Requirements

Hardware Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

– Intel Core 2 processor or compatible
– 4 GB RAM
– 5 GB free hard disk space
– OpenGL 3.5 compatible graphics board, 1 GB RAM, resolution 1280 x 1024

– Intel Core i5 or i7 processor or compatible
– 8 GB RAM
– OpenGL 4.2 compatible graphics board, 2 GB RAM, graphics board in accordance with certification:

Software Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

– Windows 8.1 64-bit
– Windows 7 64-bit, Service Pack 1
– Windows Server 2012 R2, Standard Edition

– Windows 8.1 64 bit

Server Recommendation:
– Windows Server 2012 R2, Standard Edition

– Hardlock license server is not supported
– Workgroup Online (Workgroup via Internet) requires an FTP-Server



For More Information:

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