Vectorworks Architect 2021

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Ülemiste Rail Baltic Terminal | Courtesy of 3+1 Architects

Vectorworks Landmark 2021

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Taicang Yuqin Garden | Courtesy of Placemedia Landscape Architects Collaborative and Eiichi Kano

Vectorworks Spotlight 2021

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The 91st Academy Awards | Courtesy of Korins and Drew Dockser

Vectorworks Fundamentals 2021

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Hamilton: The Exhibition, Legacy Gallery | Courtesy of Korins and Drew Dockser

SketchUp Pro 2020

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Image credit: Trimble

Rhino 7

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Image credit: Steven Guerrisi

Light Converse

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V-Ray 5 for Maya, Rhino and SketchUp

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Image credit: dabarti, Colorbleed, Giovanni Dossena


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Image credit: Toni Bratincevic

Act-3D Lumion 11

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Image credit: Lumion

Cinema 4D S22

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Image credit: NIDIA DIAS

Chaos Group Official Partner




V-Ray for 3ds Max





Manufacturer: Chaos Group

Product: VRscans

Version:  3

Language: English

Platform: Win / Mac / Linux
Packaging: Electronic Service Delivery (ESD) with Dongle

Demo Version: 

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Product Overview:

VRscans is a scanning technology which converts real-world materials such as textiles, plastic, paint and metal into digital materials. These can be used in 3D software tools to create photorealistic computer-generated images and animation.

VRscans is combination of a hardware-based scanning system and a software-based rendering plugin that work together to easily create material properties for creating realistic renderings without the usual workflow of texture maps and tweaking shader settings. This enables a high level of accuracy for visualizing real-world materials in renders.

Key Features

INCREDIBLY PHOTOREAL - VRscans uses high-quality hardware to capture the material’s texture in exceptional quality. No loss of detail, fidelity, or color.


PHYSICALLY ACCURATE - VRscans are created from thousands of images, capturing a material's bidirectional texture function (BTF). More advanced than a single point BRDF, VRscans recreate a material's true surface appearance and response to light.


EASY TO USE - RVRscans require no prior material-building knowledge, or use of reference materials.


SEAMLESSLY TILEABLE - VRscans materials repeat without joins.


CUSTOMIZABLE - Fine-tune the appearance of materials directly in Max or Maya.


BUILT FOR V-RAY - Render with V-Ray 3.5 or higher, the industry's leading renderer for VFX, product design and architectural visualization. Now available in Max and Maya, and coming soon for Sketchup and Rhino.


PHYSICAL MATERIALS - Render a wide variety of physical materials including plastic, leather, stone, metal, wood, and fabric.


CAR PAINTS - Simulate the look of highly-detailed car paint, complete with orange peel and clear coat.


REFLECTIVE & HOLOGRAPHIC MATERIALS - Render complex reflective and holographic surfaces.


TRANSLUCENT MATERIALS - The industry's first technology capable of scanning & rendering translucent materials.


VRscans Platforms

VRscans is currently installed with V-Ray on the following platforms:
  • V-Ray 3.0 for Maya
  • V-Ray 3.0 for 3ds Max



3ds Max
3ds Maya



For More Information:

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