Vectorworks Architect 2019

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Villanova Icône | Courtesy of Hamonic+Masson & Associés

Vectorworks Landmark 2019

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The Weeknd Starboy Tour | Courtesy of SRae Productions and Ralph Larmann

Vectorworks Spotlight 2019

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Barangaroo Reserve | Courtesy of PWP Landscape Architecture

Vectorworks Fundamentals 2019

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One Bucket at a Time Pavilion | Courtesy of 5468796 Architecture

Vectorworks Designer 2019

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Courtesy of Simcic + Unrich Architects – Polygon Architects

SketchUp Pro 2018

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Image credit: Trimble

Rhino 6

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Image credit: Steven Guerrisi

Light Converse

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Image credit:

V-ray for 3ds Max, Rhino, SketchUp, Maya and Unreal

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Image credit: dabarti, Colorbleed, Giovanni Dossena

Act-3D Lumion 9

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Image credit: Lumion


Product List

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3D Flag

  • Turn your images into flags, pennants, and banners
  • Use the Flag Editor to display the animation in real-time
  • Make your flag starched or elastic, thin or tall
  • Control wind speed, wind direction, and gravity
  • Creating multiple versions for your scene is a snap
  • Animate your flagpole for further realism


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3D Invigorator Classic

  • Instant 3D object creation using the realtime drawing window, parametric shapes, 3D primitives, or Adobe Illustrator files
  • World's best title and logo modeler
  • Drag & drop materials, lighting & complete Object styles
  • Instant edge splitting for multiple colors per object
  • Play movies on 3D objects
  • Links to After Effects' 3D cameras & lights
  • …and more!


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3D Invigorator Pro

  • Includes all the features of Invigorator Classic, plus...
  • Object Deformation/Warping
  • Render in wireframe, cartoon, fresnel and photo-realistic styles
  • Advanced modeling tools such as the Lathe tool and custom drawn bevels
  • Import models from other 3D programs
  • Text substitution (Auto-Versioning)


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3D Layer Tools

  • Extremely useful tools for compositors and motion graphics artists
  • Move layers in Z without changing their screen size
  • Turn Photoshop layouts into 3D without ruining the look
  • Push back portions of a mosaic image while keeping the perspective intact
  • Make any 3D layer exactly fit the comp window
  • Rotate, move and scale any set of selected AE 3D layers, without adding nulls, parents or collapsing transformations


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3D Reflector

  • Make any 3D plane reflective
  • Reflect any number of 3D layers
  • Apply falloff to fade the reflection based on distance
  • Combine other 2D effects to simulate various reflective materials
  • Use Zaxwerks advanced 3D products in your scenes
  • Hide specific layers to prevent unwanted reflections


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All Products

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