Vectorworks Architect 2023

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Bern 131 | Courtesy of Atelier 5

Vectorworks Landmark 2023

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Salesforce Transit Center | Courtesy of PWP Landscape Architecture and Marcus Nuñez

Vectorworks Spotlight 2023

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SIX | Courtesy of Tim Deiling and Pamela Raith

SketchUp Pro 2023

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Image credit: Trimble

Rhino 7

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Image credit: Steven Guerrisi

Light Converse

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Image credit:

V-Ray 6 for Maya, Rhino and SketchUp

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Image credit: dabarti, Colorbleed, Giovanni Dossena


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Image credit: Toni Bratincevic

Cinema 4D 2023

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Image credit: NIDIA DIAS

Products (3D Modeling/CAD)

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3D Invigorator Classic
Instant 3D object creation using the realtime drawing window, parametric shapes, 3D primitives, or Adobe Illustrator files.Zaxwerks3D Modeling/CAD
3D Invigorator Pro
Render in wireframe, cartoon, fresnel and photo-realistic styles.Zaxwerks3D Modeling/CAD
Allplan Architecture

Allplan combines intuitive usability with easy data exchange and effective cost planning. For maximum freedom in the design, planning and construction of buildings.

Allplan Engineering

Allplan Engineering provides extensive opportunities for an easy, interdisciplinary exchange and unique, well thought-out solutions in 3D reinforcement planning.

Top artists and designers from every type of industry rely on the Brazil render engine for their most demanding work.McNeel3D Modeling/CAD
Carbon Scatter

Scatter millions of instances in seconds - create wind-swept forests or animated crowds and render them directly inside 3ds Max, Maya and Cinema4D!

e-on Software3D Modeling/CAD
Cinema 4D S22

Why Cinema 4D?

Easy to learn and extremely powerful: Cinema 4D is the perfect package for all 3D artists who want to achieve breathtaking results fast and hassle-free. Beginners and seasoned professionals alike can take advantage of Cinema 4D’s wide range of tools and features to quickly achieve stunning results. Cinema 4D’s legendary reliability also makes it the perfect application for demanding, fast-paced 3D production.

MAXON3D Modeling/CAD
Special Effects
E-on License Server

Distribute Vue licenses on your network.

e-on Software3D Modeling/CAD
Flamingo nXt
Next generation rendering for Rhino. Flamingo nXt was developed for designers. You don't need to be a CG professional to quickly present your Rhino model in the best light.McNeel3D Modeling/CAD
form.Z Jr

form•Z Jr, previously called bonZai3d, is an application with a fresh approach to 3D modeling aimed at delivering conceptual design and sketching ideas quickly while still making it possible to carry you to the next level of productivity.

AutoDesSys3D Modeling/CAD
form.Z Pro

form•Z Pro is a powerful 3D design application featuring a variety of modeling personalities and tools with an easy to use interface to express and communicate your imagination.

AutoDesSys3D Modeling/CAD
LumenRT Studio

The Communication Platform for Architects and BIM Professionals

e-on Software3D Modeling/CAD

The Ozone 2014 plug-in lets you create and render hyper-realistic skies and atmospheres in 3ds Max, Maya, Softimage, Lightwave and Cinema4D.

e-on Software3D Modeling/CAD

Rhino can create, edit, analyze, document, render, animate, and translate NURBS curves, surfaces and solids, subdivision geometry (SubD), point clouds, and polygon meshes. There are no limits on complexity, degree, or size beyond those of your hardware.

McNeel3D Modeling/CAD
SketchUp for Web

Think through ideas and pre-build projects with simple, fun 3D modeling.


Trimble3D Modeling/CAD
SketchUp Pro

SketchUp Pro 2023

Where great ideas get to work

Trimble3D Modeling/CAD
SketchUp Studio

Advance your workflow.

Trimble3D Modeling/CAD
The Plant Factory: Artist

Designed for VUE 2014+ Esprit, Studio or Complete users, this special version of Plant Factory integrates seamlessly with your product and represents the prefect combination of functionality and pricing.

e-on Software3D Modeling/CAD
The Plant Factory: Designer

Easily produce high-quality, photo-realistic 3D plants: hand-draw from scratch, assemble pre-made components or cust­omize existing models to fit your exact specifications.


e-on Software3D Modeling/CAD
The Plant Factory: Producer

Author fully animated 3D plants in concert with your production workflow.

e-on Software3D Modeling/CAD
The Plant Factory: Studio

Add wind & animation effects and control every detail of your plant designs using the advanced procedural modeling graph.

e-on Software3D Modeling/CAD
Vectorworks Architect

Explore the possibilities of BIM and beyond while benefiting from the freedom to design in 2D or 3D with a‭ suite of intuitive, flexible tools that encourage you to create and explore any form.‬‬

Vectorworks, Inc.3D Modeling/CAD
Vectorworks Design Suite

Whether your specialty is architecture, landscape, or entertainment design, Vectorworks® Designer software enables you to draft, model, and present in a single, intuitive interface. Enhance your workflow and follow your inspiration. Explore your ideas, and discover new ways to simplify your process with Vectorworks Designer – the ultimate solution for the design professional who needs it all.

Vectorworks, Inc.3D Modeling/CAD
Vectorworks Fundamentals

Vectorworks® Fundamentals software gives you the freedom to design in your own way. With a streamlined set of tools, you can capture and develop your ideas all in one place. Intuitive, 2D/3D modeling capabilities, combined with best-in-industry, integrated rendering tools, will transform your design process and help you produce beautiful drawings and high-quality, professional documentation with ease. Explore what you can do with Vectorworks Fundamentals.

Vectorworks, Inc.3D Modeling/CAD
Vectorworks Landmark

Vectorworks® Landmark software gives landscape architects, designers, and urban planners a platform to design in their own way. Landmark offers creative solutions to streamline everyday tasks with industry-leading tools that enhance your workflow. The software’s built-in objects, site information modeling capabilities, powerful databases, innovative irrigation tools, effective project sharing, and flexible documentation features will empower you to you transform the built environment like never before.

Vectorworks, Inc.3D Modeling/CAD
Vectorworks Spotlight

Vectorworks® Spotlight is the industry-leading design software for the entertainment business. It works like you think, facilitating improvisation and creativity so you can transform your designs into award-winning productions. Whether you work in lighting, scenic, event, TV, film, rigging, or exhibit design, Spotlight software balances your process with the need for coordinated, accurate information so you can create unmatched experiences.

Vectorworks, Inc.3D Modeling/CAD
Vue 3D SuperHero

Vue 3D SuperHero is the perfect way to start in 3D: with this product, you receive both the software and a full color book of instructions to get you going the fun way!

e-on Software3D Modeling/CAD
Vue Complete

Vue Complete provides a complete Digital Nature solution with high-level animation and control features for expert 3D Artists.

e-on Software3D Modeling/CAD
Vue Complete Architectural Bundle

Transform your Sketchup models into visually stunning, landscaped filled scenes and animations with the Vue Complete Architectural Solution Package.

e-on Software3D Modeling/CAD
Vue Esprit

Vue Esprit provides an enhanced Digital Nature application with extended import and scenery control features for serious 3D Artists.

e-on Software3D Modeling/CAD
Vue Fairy Tale

Vue Fairy Tale features scenic nature creation for 3D enthusiasts with ready-made content to easily compose Fairy Tale images and video clips.

e-on Software3D Modeling/CAD
Vue Fantasy

Vue Fantasy includes all the software tools and ready-made content you need to easily create fantasy images and video clips.

e-on Software3D Modeling/CAD
Vue Frontier

Vue Frontier provides scenic nature and Poser and Daz character rendering for 3D enthusiasts to easily compose character-filled images and video clips.

e-on Software3D Modeling/CAD
Vue Infinite

Vue Infinite 2014.5 offers CG professionals the premiere solution for creating exceptionally rich and realistic Digital Nature environments.

e-on Software3D Modeling/CAD
Vue Pioneer - Free!

Vue Pioneer features scenic nature creation for 3D enthusiasts to easily compose 3D World images and video clips.

e-on Software3D Modeling/CAD
Vue Science Fiction

Vue Science Fiction features scenic nature creation for 3D enthusiasts with ready-made content to easily compose Science Fiction images and video clips.

e-on Software3D Modeling/CAD
Vue Studio

Vue Studio provides an advanced Digital Nature application with powerful vegetation and rendering features for dedicated 3D Artists.

e-on Software3D Modeling/CAD
Vue Studio Architectural Bundle

Transform your Sketchup models into high fidelity imagery surrounded with stunning Digital Nature scenery.

e-on Software3D Modeling/CAD
Vue xStream

Vue xStream offers professional CG artists a complete toolset for creating and rendering exceptionally rich and realistic natural environments in 3ds Max, Maya, LightWave, Cinema 4D and Softimage.

e-on Software3D Modeling/CAD